On April 20, 2018 FSWA clients and advisors had the opportunity to meet Madeleine Albright at the Union League Club in Chicago. This luncheon and book signing was to promote her new book “Fascism A Warning”.

At this thought provoking luncheon Albright challenged the audience to define what a Fascist is.

Do fascists, Albright asks: “Cater to our prejudices? Encourage us to have contempt for the electoral process? Seek to destroy our faith in an independent press and a professional judiciary? Exploit the symbols of patriotism in an effort to turn us against each other?” If the answer is yes, Albright suggests we may not be dealing with a fully converted fascist society, just yet, but fascism is readily approaching in the distance at the very least.

This powerful woman has not lost her edge and sees herself as the messenger warning of potential problems that face current governments internationally.