What are your hopes and dreams – and who are you entrusting to help you reach them?

Ultimately, money and wealth are tools to help investors get where they want to go and achieve their goals, at every stage of life’s journey.

Here at FourStar Wealth Advisors, we consider this as part of our “Build. Live. Share.” approach to investing. We believe in addressing the full life cycle of every investor and citizen – from building wealth and planning for the future, to living comfortably in retirement, to sharing your money assets, resources, and possessions through charitable giving or legacy planning.

At FourStar Wealth Advisors, we take a personal interest in each and every one of our clients. We are an independent client firm, focused on directly serving our clients without all of the obvious conflicts and restrictions of the old school “brokerage” firms. We believe in helping people achieve their unique financial goals, so that they may get the opportunity to fully realize their hopes and dreams.

This is important to remember! Every single person’s financial situation, goals, and needs will be one-of-a-kind. As you consider this, it’s worth asking: Are you taking all of the steps necessary to take your entire financial picture into account – and what actions are you taking to turn your most important financial goals into a reality?

Generally speaking, we believe that this comes down to three essential steps:

  1. Defining what is most important to you
  2. Working with an experienced professional to formulate the strategies that are suited for your needs
  3. Executing those strategies, using the next generation of cutting-edge tools and services to monitor your successes and adjust your approach at every step of the way


“What Are My Goals?”

Everyone’s financial picture will be distinct. But there are options out there suited to you, ready to set you up to live a more full and complete life in all aspects. This is true whether you are:

  • Accumulating wealth
  • Investing for income
  • Solidifying your retirement plan
  • Creating a distribution approach to help you meet your lifestyle and legacy goals


“How Much Help Will I Need?”

It’s important to realize what goals you can accomplish on your own, and which may require the assistance of an experienced financial advisor. It’s worth asking:

  • Do you want to take a more “hands-on” or “hands-off” approach to managing your wealth?
  • Are you relatively certain of where you’re going financially, or would you prefer to consult with an advisor who can help make the future come into clearer focus?
  • Do you need any education or insight on the state of the market?  
  • Could the unbiased guidance of a professional help improve your current financial plan?
  • Could your current plan benefit from a second opinion from a knowledgeable professional?
  • Are you looking for a simpler way to make connections with other service providers who could help, including attorneys and tax professionals?


“Who Should I Turn To for Help?”

With so many factors to consider, including your short-term and long-term financial goals, the state of the market, and your unique strategies for wealth accumulation, asset management, and asset protection, it’s important to have the right professionals by your side.

Here are some of the considerations that you may want to weigh as you look for the right financial advisor:

  • What is their communication style? Do I trust this person or firm? Are they communicative and responsive? Are they active on social media and email? Do they make use of new media, such as podcasts and video?
  • What are their credentials? How experienced is this advisor? What are their qualifications? Are they registered and certified with all relevant governing boards?
  • Will I be able to collaborate with this advisor? It’s important to find a professional who will be a good fit for you. Will they be available when you need them? Do you feel a sense of trust towards your advisor? Does their philosophy align with your own? Do they make you feel supported and educated?
  • How are they paid? It’s important to work with an advisor who is committed to seeing your portfolio grow and offer no-strings-attached assistance, rather than simply trying to earn commission by selling you products. A fee-only advisor has a fiduciary duty to serve the best interests of their client – you.


About FourStar Wealth Advisors

FourStar Wealth Advisors is an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm headquartered in Chicago, founded on providing the most impactful and tailored wealth management solutions to all clients. To do this, FourStar Wealth Advisors utilizes the latest technology and a broad range of investment solutions to ensure that each client has the proper tools and resources to put them in the best position possible to achieve their personal financial dreams.

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