As part our commitment to inform investors, the FourStar Wealth Advisors hosted Jeff Carter, co-founder of the Hyde Park Angels at an exclusive luncheon held at Chicago’s famous Gene and Georgetti’s.  Jeff shared with our group the story of the founding of the Hyde Park Angels back in 2007, which is now the largest Angel investing group in Chicago and one of the largest in the US. Jeff also discussed the state of investing in private companies as an Angel investor, successes and failures, and generally being part of an Angel network. While Angel investing can be highly risky, for the appropriate, qualified investor, Angel investing can be very lucrative. 

Most major public companies today owe their start to different Angel groups around the country, popularized recently on the TV show CNBC’s “Shark Tank.” 

FourStar CEO Brian Kasal is a member of the Hyde Park Angels and he’s happy to discuss the process of Angel investing and how others can get involved as a part of their overall growth strategy.