When you go shopping for new clothes, there’s often a magical moment that comes when you find a new piece that’s exactly right for you. You put on that new jacket, or tie, or pair of shoes, go stand in front of the store’s mirror, and – wow. You look amazing. You feel great. You’ve found the right piece, at just the right time.

Or what about when you go to a tailor’s shop, and have a piece custom-built for your tastes, and your fit? Your own personal wardrobe, designed specifically for you? There’s nothing like it. Or then there’s that one piece of clothing that never fit quite right, until you had an expert take a crack at it. Now, a few flares here, a cinch there, and voila. It’s perfect, and fits you in a way you never thought possible.

These sorts of moment are absolutely wonderful. They can even be enough to make even the most sullen shopper suddenly glad that they made the trek out.

But then, of course, there’s the opposite situation. You’re trying on clothes, and nothing seems to fit well, or look the way you want it to. You put on a coat that’s been sitting in the back of your closet for years, and it feels all wrong.

Or, what about this situation: Have you ever been over at someone’s house, and had to borrow a shirt or a winter coat in a pinch? Or tried to slip on a hotel robe, only to find it slipping off of you? You can always tell when something is not right for you. It’s someone else’s product, and you’re just making do, trying to adapt and get it to work for you until, hopefully, you can find something better.

The bottom line is this: There’s an enormous difference between something that’s tailor made for you, and a one-size-fits-all solution that you just have to live with. It’s true when it comes to fashion, and it’s even more pertinent when comes to your finances.


The Importance of Wealth Management That Really Fits

As an investor, it’s important to find the approach that truly works for you. Different investors are going to have different goals, different backgrounds, different hopes and dreams, different plans and approaches. Every person is unique, and your wealth management solution must be customized and unique, as well.

And yet? Over the years, the system hasn’t always worked out this way for investors. Instead, many individuals have had to find a way to navigate around mechanisms not built for their benefit, but the benefit of large brokerages and unwieldy legacy companies, which have long had a tendency to emphasize making a sale or pushing a product, even if it may come at the expense of meeting an investor’s unique wants and needs.

It shouldn’t be this way, should it? They’re your finances, after all. Rather than having to conform to a plan that may not be the right match for your needs, you should be able to have a strategy uniquely tailored to fit you – what you want, what you need, where you’ve been, and where you want to go.

That’s why FourStar Wealth Advisors does things a little bit differently. As an independent firm, we are free to focus on our clients, and not the products. Because, at the end of the day? We know that money and wealth are tools that can help investors get where they are going and achieve their hopes and dreams. Solutions are put in place to help you achieve your loftiest ambitions – and not the other way around.


“Build. Live. Share.”

At FourStar Wealth Advisors, our goal – and our sacred pledge – is to address the full life cycle of an investor, and help each and every person we work with to live a more full and complete life. We do this with our unique “Build. Live. Share” approach, which factors in all of the unique elements and moving parts that make up a life.

Our talented and experienced advisors are here to offer guidance, perspective, and uniquely customized solutions, no matter where you are in your journey – whether you’re building your life by working, planning, and saving for the future; living comfortably from your retirement savings or other sources of income; or have reached a point where you’re interested in sharing your wealth with family, friends, philanthropic causes, or the next generation.

Our task, then?  We’re here to assist at all of these phases of an investor’s life: Our services can help investors to build a strong life by best efforts and practices at managing resources, to live and enjoy those resources and to share those resources as you desire, once you are no longer needing them.

And the most important thing to understand is that there is no exact way. Many paths can be taken to accomplish the things we want to accomplish, and so the specific way will always turn out to be unique to each individual. Our goal is to help folks and families articulate their wants, needs, and desires, and find or create the mechanism that will help them achieve them.


Reaching Your Goals

At FourStar Wealth Advisors, we believe success in achieving your most pressing financial goals starts with a comprehensive wealth strategy. We will help you define what is most important to you, and then help your formulate the strategies that are suited for your needs, whether you are accumulating wealth or investing for income, solidifying your retirement plan or devising a distribution approach that meets your lifestyle and legacy goals.

Our firm is positioned on the cutting edge of wealth advisory. In addition to our unique multimedia approach to communications, we’re also equipped to discuss and implement the next gen wealth management strategies that may be of interest to you, including alternative investments, real estate investment, angel investing, philanthropic giving, and so much more.

Does FourStar sound like the right fit for you? Don’t hesitate to get in touch to continue the conversation. Please give us a call at 312-667-1750, or reach out via our convenient online portal, whenever you’re ready to drop us a line.


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